•Who the heck is this “Sunny” person who keeps showing up in your posts?

“Sunny” or “Partly Sunny” was my pseudonym at Partly Sunny, Chance of Rain, my “spill your guts” blog. After a year or so, I started World’s Worst Moms, which was strictly a place for other moms to come and tell their best “bad mom” stories. Apparently some more competent humans can handle two blogs, but I got dissociative personality disorder and flipped out because I couldn’t keep my Twitter and Facebook accounts straight. So that’s why if you read back through posts written before August 2012, you might run into a Sunny reference.


What the hell, Sunny! I’ve been a loyal reader of Partly Sunny, Chance of Rain for years, I’m a dude, and now you expect me to hang around with a bunch of chicks? What gives?

I know. I suck. But just think — you’ll be one of the few, special men out there voicing the male. . . perspective. Think of yourself as a pioneer!


I’m a guy and I’m the “worst,” too. How come this isn’t World’s Worst Parents? Or just World’s Worst People?

I’m sure you’re just terrible. But that sounds a lot less catchy than World’s Worst Moms. Besides, I’m a mom. And you can still contribute your writing if you want to — I’m all about equal opportunity embarrassment. And bitching.


•So you’re from Reno and your name is Tammy. Are you actually a pole dancer?

Yes. Everyone who lives in Reno is either a pole dancer, cocktail waitress, card dealer, or bouncer. We don’t have any other jobs.


•This site seems pretty left-leaning. Are you a filthy, stinking, anti-American, grandma-euthanizing, tax-and-spendering, flag-hating, Christmas-killing, tree-hugging, queer-loving, socialist hippie?

Close enough. Now please go away.


•Are your husband and kids really named Tenzin, Newt, and Elfie?

No, those are all pseudonyms that I started using when I was naive enough to think you could keep a blog anonymous. Tenzin is named after Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama, because only someone that patient could live with me. Newt comes from Sir Isaac Newton, although in hindsight I should’ve named him after someone a lot more artsy and outgoing (at the time I thought he’d be some introverted math wiz — I was really wrong). And Elfie got her name because I’ve always thought she looked like  one of those elves in The Lord of the Rings.


•You’re Chinese, right? How did you get such light-haired children?

My ethnic background is half Chinese, quarter German, one-eighth Polish, and one-eighth Slovakian. Add that to my husband who is three-quarters German and a quarter English, and you’ll get this:

Tenzin’s family came over by boat so he’s still very paranoid about scurvy.

They’re very into their Chinese heritage…

We worked it all out once. They’re mostly German. It made a great math problem and a very colorful pie chart.