Dear Eric Bolling: I’ll Try Not to Let My Boobs Get in the Way When I Smack You in the Head

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"We are men of action, sir. Lies do not become us." -- the Princess Bride

I've been avoiding the news lately. In an effort to de-stress a little, I decided it just wasn't in my best interest to follow the midterm elections too closely or see precisely what was on fire (with the exception of the trees burning a few hundred miles from my house and causing the air to [...]

Two Women Made the MasterChef Finale, but We Really Only Care About the Shoes

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Courtney and Elizabeth shoes from MasterChef finale

This week, the two finalists from Season 5 of MasterChef competed for the title of America's Best Home Chef. After first being chosen from a pool of thousands, these extremely talented, self-taught women withstood three months of grueling challenges to become the last ones standing. And, incidentally, they joined other women from the international MasterChef shows when they became part of the [...]

How to Just Be in Graeagle

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Graeagle Chalet View Lodge

About a month ago, I hit a bit of a breaking point. The kids were home for the summer, and I'd been running myself ragged, trying to keep up with social media for the Blogging Betties Podcast. Unfortunately, as we all know, there's no such thing as keeping up with social media. It's like the mail. [...]

Suck It Up, Buttercup

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You know that phenomenon where you put off calling a friend or writing an email because it's going to require carving out a chunk of time that you won't have until you're, I don't know, 90 (which is probably still wrong because my 90-year-old aunt is still pretty frickin' busy)? Or like how you'd really like to clean the inside [...]

Why I Could Never Work for Hobby Lobby (Other than the Obvious Answer — They’re Total Jackasses)

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You can't attach an asterisk to part of my body and expect me to be okay with it.

One of the awesome little side problems I've experienced during my whole fibromyalgia/atypical facial pain mess has been menstrual migraines. For those who don't know, a menstrual migraine -- at least for me -- is a series of days-long headaches that occur like clockwork before your period. In my case, they lay me out for a [...]

Would Your Kid Survive in a REAL(ish) Mommy War?

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Saddle up those high horses and get your Judgy McJudgy helmets on...

The mommy wars. Cruise Facebook for more than 10 minutes, and you'll find a thread that does at least one of the following: Makes a grand proclamation about how children should be raised. Refutes said grand proclamation about how children should be raised. Calls for an end to war between mommies who make proclamations about [...]

The Totally Narcissistic Post About What I’ve Been Doing So I Can Get it All Out of My Head

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Listen to Your Mother Sacramento -- Tammy Soong and Jeanne Alongi

So as you may have noticed, I haven't been writing much lately. This isn't due to lack of trying. It's mainly due to being hella busy. Add that to my somewhat baseline status of feeling hella crappy, and, well, end of story. As most of you know, I started the Blogging Betties Podcast with my [...]