Would Your Kid Survive in a REAL(ish) Mommy War?

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Saddle up those high horses and get your Judgy McJudgy helmets on...

The mommy wars. Cruise Facebook for more than 10 minutes, and you'll find a thread that does at least one of the following: Makes a grand proclamation about how children should be raised. Refutes said grand proclamation about how children should be raised. Calls for an end to war between mommies who make proclamations about [...]

What I Do All Day. Really.

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What I really do all day

I was cleaning up the kitchen the other night, and as I cursed my husband under my breath because he'd messed up the stove again, I stopped short, realizing what a jerk I was since he'd actually taken the time to cook. Whereas cooking for me looks a lot like melting cheese on tortillas and [...]

The Absolutely, Positively True Story of the Fairies who Clean my House

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Spritzy the Counter Wiper Fairy

If you have a child under the age of nine, you've no doubt come across The Rainbow Fairy books. They're basically a collection of short chapter books about two girls who save the world by helping various groups of fairies find their special, magical somethings which have always been stolen by the evil Jack Frost [...]

Summer Days, Wish You weren’t Driftin’ Away

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Summer Days Wish You Weren't Driftin' Away

Confession time: Not only do I not want school to start and summer to end, I'm actually scared about it. Okay, maybe scared isn't the right word. "Scared" conjures up how I feel on those nights when I'm checking closets, armed with a baseball bat. And I can't say I'm that keyed up. But I [...]

BlogHer “Voices of the Year” Loser Link-Up

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WWM Loser Link Up

When I was in 8th grade, I -- try to contain yourselves -- tried out for cheerleading. In our school, this was a rather humiliating process -- one where you had to perform in front of the entire school and then get voted to be on the squad. I ended up just edging out the [...]

Reno to Portland Road Trip — AKA Why I Will Never Be on “Survivor”

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Kids at beach, Nehalem Bay, Oregon

So I'm home from camping. Yesterday, when my friend hadn't heard from me, she emailed to make sure I hadn't crawled into a hole or gotten trapped under a porta potty. Sadly, she wasn't too far off (from the hole part). I've been in full-on meltdown mode: exhausted, killer headaches, vertigo. Stuff that makes you [...]

Camping. . . at the Super 8

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family hanging out at Super 8

Today, while everyone was writing sentimental posts and acrostic poems about dads, I was hoping to baby Jebus that my husband wouldn't remember it was Father's Day. Not that he really would've remembered. Tenzin and I are sort of famous for not making a big deal out of holidays anyway. Truth be told, I wasn't [...]

We Bought a Tent Trailer, and It’s Already Making Me Nuts

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boy washes tent trailer with hose

So yesterday, we bought a tent trailer. This came after weeks of being Craig's List newbies and doing a piss-poor job of getting in touch with people, going out to see trailers that sucked, and not being able to get enough money on a Sunday to actually buy something. Honestly, I think one of the [...]