Science Fair Projects Kids Can Do Themselves. Sort Of. Or Not.

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Last Minute Science Fair Projects

The science fair was this week, and I've never been so happy to finish "projects that I'm not involved in." While it's lovely in theory to allow your child to conduct and then create a presentation of an entire project on his/her own, the practical execution of said theory never shakes out the way you [...]

How to Get Your Kid to Clean the Whole House

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Elfie Cleans the stove with Method

Once upon a time, I was a really good housekeeper. You could pretty much eat off of my floors. I did things like clean the refrigerator even if something hadn't spilled in it. I'd wonder to myself how people lived with dirty baseboards. Then I had kids. That was about ten years ago. Coincidentally, also [...]

The 2010 Holiday Letter

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So every year, for about the past fifteen years, I've written a holiday letter. It's kind of how this whole blogging thing got started. As you might imagine, my letters weren't exactly laundry lists of the fantastic trips we'd taken or stories about how the kids came home with "Student of the Week" bumper stickers. [...]