Super-Easy, Last-Minute Ways to Make Thanksgiving Adorable

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Super-easy, last-minute Thanksgiving decorations from stuff in your house

So if you're anything like me (lame), you didn't go on Pinterest a month ago, look for Thanksgiving decorations, and use a variety of multi-media projects to make Turkey day look like some Norman Rockwell-esque picture out of Martha Stewart magazine. No, you got to Tuesday, or maybe even Thursday, and said, "Oh crap, it [...]

Give the Gift of No Guilt

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Give the Gift of No Guilt

We've entered the season of giving -- that time when we try to focus on others. On family. On friends. It's also the season of guilt. I'm fortunately in place where my holiday plans are pretty easy (I know, don't hate). That's what happens when your mom dies and your dad runs off on a [...]

Family Halloween Costumes — the Easy, the Funny, and the Scary as Hell

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Banana flasher costume

Once again, Halloween is upon us. And yeah, I know it's only September, but you have to plan for this stuff or else you'll be the idiot who pays overnight shipping for a T-rex costume -- not that I'd know anything about that. Anyway, we're not really the "everybody in the family dress up" people, [...]