Science Fair Projects Kids Can Do Themselves. Sort Of. Or Not.

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Last Minute Science Fair Projects

The science fair was this week, and I've never been so happy to finish "projects that I'm not involved in." While it's lovely in theory to allow your child to conduct and then create a presentation of an entire project on his/her own, the practical execution of said theory never shakes out the way you [...]

My Son, the Next David Plouffe

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Newt campaigns for Kit Carson

One thing I love about our kids' school is that because they're a charter, they can do crazy assignments whenever something interesting comes up. The other day, my son, Newt, came home looking like he'd won the lottery because his teacher had signed him up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you're an adult, [...]

Mojo on the Run — Waiting for the Dark Days to Pass

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I haven't been around much in Internet land. Last weekend, I took the kids to Monterey (which was quite the haul in a three-day span). Then they had to do Nevada Day reports (Sarah Winnemucca and the Hoover Dam, if you're just crazy curious). And, of course, there was Halloween. And yes, all of that stuff [...]

The Artist Presently Known as Newt

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Sunday started out so well. The kids and I slept in (my husband’s working -- lately it feels like that’s all he does). The kids ate dry cereal for breakfast so I didn’t even have to make anything. And I read the paper while they read books. It was dreamy.Photo by PartlySunnyThen I gave them [...]

Next Year. . . Book Markers

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I got really angry today. Really, really angry. I was like a big ball of rage that was ready to blow up all over everybody, and I basically had to send myself to my room and hyperventilate to keep from strangling someone. Why?Valentine's cards.The kids' school requires them to make all of their own Valentine's [...]