The Bachelorette — Helping Me Teach My Daughter the REAL Facts of Life

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The Facts of Life from the Bachelorette

"What are you watching?" My 9-year-old daughter has just caught me watching The Bachelorette. Normally this is an activity I'd reserve for after the kids have gone to bed, but it's summer, and "after they've gone to bed" is practically when I go to bed. "It's called The Bachelorette. It's a horrible, horrible show where [...]

Camping. . . at the Super 8

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family hanging out at Super 8

Today, while everyone was writing sentimental posts and acrostic poems about dads, I was hoping to baby Jebus that my husband wouldn't remember it was Father's Day. Not that he really would've remembered. Tenzin and I are sort of famous for not making a big deal out of holidays anyway. Truth be told, I wasn't [...]

There Can Be Only One

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I had to open the front door all by myself today.For the first time in almost ten years, the doorbell rang, and I found myself all alone, face-to-face with a strange man. No intimidating presence at my side. No low bark encouraging the guy to take a half-step back. No furry head pressed against my [...]

Writing a Blank

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I'm having one of my typically partly sunny days.On the one hand, it's kind of been like my birthday. The Empress, over at Good Day Regular People, featured me in her "Get To Know Thursdays." I don't want to get all hyperbolical on everybody, but you know how they honor people at awards shows with [...]