Suck It Up, Buttercup

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You know that phenomenon where you put off calling a friend or writing an email because it's going to require carving out a chunk of time that you won't have until you're, I don't know, 90 (which is probably still wrong because my 90-year-old aunt is still pretty frickin' busy)? Or like how you'd really like to clean the inside [...]

The Tree Doesn’t Fall Far from the Apple

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Why my kids are better people than I am

So I'm happy to report that the kids not only survived camp but had a fabulous time. Apparently the first night was a little touch-and-go: Newt wanted to come home very badly, and Elfie got stung by a bee. But they sucked it up, and the memorable stories have been trickling out of them since [...]

Gandhi-Mom Doesn’t Live Here Every Day

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boy makes macaroni and cheese

Some days, I'm a good mom. I'm excellent, actually. Even though I feel like I'm walking through mud and the last thing I want to do is have a "teachable moment" with the children, I somehow rally and become this Gandhi-esque creature who I barely recognize. It's freaky, really. Like standing outside yourself and expecting [...]

Puerto Vallarta Vacation: The Good, The Bad, and The TSA Agent

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Boy riding floating blue seal raft in swimming pool

So we're back from Mexico. We failed to get pictures of us swimming with dolphins, ate one of the best meals of our lives, and almost got in a fist fight with a TSA agent. Just your typical spring break... A little background: Tenzin, my husband, and I made the monumentally bad decision to purchase [...]

Helping Your Kid Out of Autism — The Preschool Post

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Newt, age 3, coming out of school.

More tales from the autism front. Today's questions come from the mother of "Tara," a 3-and-a-half year old who was just diagnosed. Keep in mind that I've never met these people, so I'm basically just relaying what we did in these same situations. Our son, Newt, was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the same age and [...]

Kids Know Awards for Everyone are Stupid. Because They’re not Stupid.

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Do awards for everyone ever motivate kids

The kids turned in their science fair projects last week. Neither of them made it to "the big show," but that wasn't a huge surprise. Motivating kids in this department has been historically. . . frustrating. They basically procrastinate for two months, decide last minute that they want to do a "great job," and then [...]