Worst Moms Moment: I Swear I am Not a Kidnapper

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Kids chase a bubble at a park

When I read this Worst Moms Moment from Ginger at Spicey Mom, my heart dropped into my stomach. That's all I'm going to give you -- read for yourselves... ******** I am sure that every parent, from day one, imagines the worst case scenario of losing their child. Sickness, SIDS, accidents, kidnapping, you name it, [...]

How to Throw a Kick-Butt Harry Potter Birthday Party: Part One

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How to throw a birthday party at Hogwarts

Thanks to my lack of organizational skills, we left my daughter Elfie's 9th birthday party planning until the very last minute. Not a big deal if my husband and I weren't insane. Unfortunately, we've set a precedent of throwing wildly fantastical theme parties for her birthday, complete with treasure hunts that involve multiple adult actors [...]

World’s Worst Moms’ Guide to a Successful Sleepover

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little boy and girl in pajamas with yellow dog in green shirt

Last weekend, the kids each had a sleepover. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to schedule them both on the same night, so it kind of felt like an elementary school B&B here (except for the part where I drag my ass out of bed and cook everyone breakfast). Anyway, my buddy, Cheryl, who's much more experienced [...]

Worst Mom Moment: Girl Scout Cookie Hell

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My daughter isn't in Girl Scouts, and I'm not gonna lie -- it's because I'm scared. Over the years, I've heard tale of cookie selling hell, and I feel like my adrenal glands are already shot as is. The last thing I need is people being pissed at me for being a bad Cookie Mom [...]

Facing Down Buses, and Other Ill-Advised Stuff We do for Our Kids

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Mom and Elfie on the lift

So this is why I'm insane. Actually, make that part of why I'm insane. Telling the whole story would take way too long. Yesterday I went skiing with the family and some friends. It was lovely -- warmish, mostly rock-free, and not very crowded (most of the Californians were already sitting in traffic on their [...]

Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Pumpkin Patch

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Sorry Spookley, you're a little too queer for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

So Saturday, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Little background -- we usually go to a pumpkin patch in town, but this year, we thought we'd try out a newish place on the outskirts that our daughter went to on a class trip. It's owned by a family who live on their farm, [...]

The Reno Balloon Races — If Only They Could Make Dawn a Little Later

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Dawn Patrol

Today was, well, interesting... Every year since the kids were about 3, we've gone to the Reno Balloon Races. We drag everybody out of bed before the sun comes up, drive down to a big park with a bunch of freakishly perky people, walk around in the dark, and freeze while we watch close to [...]

Attack of the Killer Toothpaste

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Attack of the Killer Toothpaste

Meet Marian, mother of three who's just started blogging but clearly has plenty of material to keep her writing over at Just Keep Swimming. This toothpaste thing is such a pet peeve of mine, too. If they made World's Worst Moms toothpaste, it would be clear and self-destructing after five minutes.I put Molly in time [...]