Not Every Kid Gets Potty Trained at Age 2 — At Least Not Mine

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Many weeks ago, I promised to write a post on potty training. You guys should know by now that I never do anything on time, so hopefully you weren't holding your breath. Anyway, yesterday I got this message on my Facebook page: I have a 27-month-old boy that I am potty training, and when I [...]

Worst Mom Moment: Girl Scout Cookie Hell

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My daughter isn't in Girl Scouts, and I'm not gonna lie -- it's because I'm scared. Over the years, I've heard tale of cookie selling hell, and I feel like my adrenal glands are already shot as is. The last thing I need is people being pissed at me for being a bad Cookie Mom [...]

Claiming the 5th

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Ludicrous Mama of Biting the Hand That Feeds You is back. And she's got a list that only a World's Worst Mom could write.Things I will never ever admit to my daughter:1. When you were born, I thought you were actually kind of ugly.2. I called you "Old Man" and "Turkey Neck" until you fleshed [...]

Can I Blame this on “Damn You Auto Correct”?

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GG of The Glad Gardener is back at World's Worst Moms with tales from the teenage trenches. This latest one about her 15-year-old daughter will make you long for the days when cell phones were those giant, shoe-boxy things that businessmen used while riding in limos. There are some times when my stupidity amazes even [...]

How Do I Bad-Mommy Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

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Last week, World's Worst Moms hit 100 followers. Turns out Do Sweat the Small Stuff was our woman of the hour, and she's been ever so gracious to go out of her way to mark the occasion with this submission about her badness.This post is in honor of the 100th follower.  That's me :)With gratitude [...]

Mommy Wants a Do-Over

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Have you ever done something and then wondered, "Crap, when do kids actually start remembering things?" For Kristi Valentini, this would be one of those times. She chronicles life with back-to-back babies at  Mommy Crib Notes. In a mad moment of parental anger, have you ever done or said something you regretted? You desperately wish [...]