Not Every Kid Gets Potty Trained at Age 2 — At Least Not Mine

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Many weeks ago, I promised to write a post on potty training. You guys should know by now that I never do anything on time, so hopefully you weren't holding your breath. Anyway, yesterday I got this message on my Facebook page: I have a 27-month-old boy that I am potty training, and when I [...]

Worst Mom Moment: Girl Scout Cookie Hell

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My daughter isn't in Girl Scouts, and I'm not gonna lie -- it's because I'm scared. Over the years, I've heard tale of cookie selling hell, and I feel like my adrenal glands are already shot as is. The last thing I need is people being pissed at me for being a bad Cookie Mom [...]

Claiming the 5th

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Ludicrous Mama of Biting the Hand That Feeds You is back. And she's got a list that only a World's Worst Mom could write.Things I will never ever admit to my daughter:1. When you were born, I thought you were actually kind of ugly.2. I called you "Old Man" and "Turkey Neck" until you fleshed [...]