Camping. . . at the Super 8

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family hanging out at Super 8

Today, while everyone was writing sentimental posts and acrostic poems about dads, I was hoping to baby Jebus that my husband wouldn't remember it was Father's Day. Not that he really would've remembered. Tenzin and I are sort of famous for not making a big deal out of holidays anyway. Truth be told, I wasn't [...]

How to Teach Kids about Sex: Go See Les Mis and Leave the Kids with Dad

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I went and saw Les Miserables with a girlfriend the other night. It was an amazing movie, but for some reason, I still feel like I could just nitpick it to pieces. I'm starting to think this could be my calling -- professional life nitpicker. Too bad I can't get someone to pay me for that... [...]

How I Bumped my Head and Lost my Mind

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One of my favorite lines of all time is from Young Frankenstein (coincidentally just viewed by the kids and me the other night -- they were, of course, totally impressed). Dr. Frankenstein and Igor have just pushed a coffin out of a grave, and Igor says, "Could be worse. Could be raining." Cue thunder clap [...]

I’m Sure My Son Isn’t TRYING to Make Me Insane…

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Photo from The Reno Gazette Journal

So this is basically how our morning went... Me (pointing at a photo of people shaking Joe Biden's hand on the front page of the newspaper): Hey, look -- if I would've gone to the Biden event yesterday, that could've been me. Newt: You're in there? Me: No, I could've gone. And my friend had [...]

What? You Haven’t Seen the Latest Trend in French Manicures?

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So I've been all over town today with my nails looking like this:Photo by Tammy SoongI have my 7-year-old daughter to thank for my new look. I never paint my fingernails, only my toenails (and even that gets dicey). But the other day her friend was over, and when 7-year-olds get ahold of nail polish, [...]