Super-Easy, Last-Minute Ways to Make Thanksgiving Adorable

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Super-easy, last-minute Thanksgiving decorations from stuff in your house

So if you're anything like me (lame), you didn't go on Pinterest a month ago, look for Thanksgiving decorations, and use a variety of multi-media projects to make Turkey day look like some Norman Rockwell-esque picture out of Martha Stewart magazine. No, you got to Tuesday, or maybe even Thursday, and said, "Oh crap, it [...]

We’re All So Outraged About Another Mass Shooting. Or Not.

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unhappy face on sidewalk

So as I'm sure you've all heard, we've had another mass shooting. Every news outlet is covering it. Every talk show is analyzing it. Every blogger is writing about it. And I have to say, I'm pretty much over it. Yeah, I'm kind of done. Remember a few months ago in Newtown when all those little [...]

So Now You Need a Kit to Build a Fort?

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kids building fort in the forest out of wood and branches

Let me say right off the bat that I'm being a big fat hypocrite in this post. After the Harry Potter extravaganza party, bagging on other people's obsessive craftiness is sort of laughable. But this instructional video on "how to build a fort kit" is just kind of killing me.   Part of me didn't [...]

The Bachelorette and the Beast: We Should All be THIS Kind of Girl

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Desiree Hartsock -- I'm not that kind of girl, I'm this kind of girl. One who doesn't take any crap.

So I watch the Bachelorette. Don't stone me. I know. My husband says it's my contribution to the downfall of Western civilization. Anyway, last night, something unprecedented and pretty amazing happened. If you don't watch the show (and I know none of you decent people do), let me give you some background. Desiree Hartsock, this [...]

Worst Moms Christmas Gifts — Going Bananas

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Banana Bunkers

One of the great and horrible realities of Christmas in the 21st century is that there's really no excuse for not being able to find the perfect gift. Because if it's not online, it probably means you're a genius and just came up with the next great thing in greatness. Either that or you're like [...]