The LAST Snowman — the Book, the Giveaway, and the Pummeling

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The LAST Snowman

Winter in Reno this year has sucked. While the rest of the country’s been getting pummeled, we’re dry as a bone (see, there’s just no pleasing anyone, is there). Anyway, as a result, not only is our water situation grave, but our winter super happy play land experiences have been what you might call “limited.” [...]

How to Get Your Kid to Clean the Whole House

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Elfie Cleans the stove with Method

Once upon a time, I was a really good housekeeper. You could pretty much eat off of my floors. I did things like clean the refrigerator even if something hadn't spilled in it. I'd wonder to myself how people lived with dirty baseboards. Then I had kids. That was about ten years ago. Coincidentally, also [...]

The Banana Bunker Winners!

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Giveaway Tools

So the results are in! The Great Banana Hammock -- er Bunker -- Giveaway is over and we have our winners: Ginger Anna Stewart Lynette Email your addresses to, and I'll ship off your loot! By the way, I promised to report back and give you a review of Giveaway Tools ( It worked [...]

How to Teach Kids about Sex: Go See Les Mis and Leave the Kids with Dad

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I went and saw Les Miserables with a girlfriend the other night. It was an amazing movie, but for some reason, I still feel like I could just nitpick it to pieces. I'm starting to think this could be my calling -- professional life nitpicker. Too bad I can't get someone to pay me for that... [...]

Personalized Kid’s Book Giveaway: “Find Me If You Can”

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Find Me If You Can

I'm been wanting to show this to you guys, but after the events in Newtown, well, I don't think anyone's life has stayed on schedule. So this is basically a Where's Waldo book that you can personalize. You send in a photo, and then your child gets to find himself/herself among other children's faces on [...]