That is SO 2014. I hope.

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Lately, when I've gotten online, I've found myself to be much less tolerant of...well...just about everything. I haven't exactly been my happiest self recently, and when I'm like this, I tend to have decreased patience for people, children, noise, the internet, and my dirty house. It's why I've all but disappeared from Facebook. The whole place makes [...]

What Bloggers Really Do in an Hour

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How Bloggers Spend an Hour

I've been "working" for the better part of an hour with nothing to show for it, and it suddenly dawned on me that every one of my mornings looks almost exactly like this. I sit down at the computer, determined to be productive, and the following chain of events occurs: Open email. Delete Gap ads. [...]

I’m Buzzing at DeBie Hive

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DeBie Hive -- Writer's Workshop Wednesday

I don't guest post often -- mainly because I have a hard enough time keeping up with this place and, really, let's face it, who the hell wants me. But one of my bloggy besties -- Kelly of DeBie Hive -- was asking for volunteers for her Writer's Workshop Wednesday series, and I said, "Sure, [...]

Why I Leaned Out and Skipped BlogHer

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Why I'm Happy Leaning Out

I've never been to BlogHer. I didn't go this year for numerous reasons. For one, I've lived through two Illinois summers and suffered through multiple visits that always seemed to coincide with a heatwave, and lately I'm against torturing myself if I can help it. For two (I know that's wrong, but does anyone know [...]

BlogHer “Voices of the Year” Loser Link-Up

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WWM Loser Link Up

When I was in 8th grade, I -- try to contain yourselves -- tried out for cheerleading. In our school, this was a rather humiliating process -- one where you had to perform in front of the entire school and then get voted to be on the squad. I ended up just edging out the [...]

Friday Fiction Part 18: Eric Wakes Up

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Bertrum, the yellow and blue eyed white cat

The saga continues -- we're still in the early 1990's. The Wongs are all meeting up in San Francisco, and Eric has taken refuge with Frangelica after his horrible run-in with Simon.  Want to catch up (of course you do)? You can start at the beginning here, or get a list of everything here. ******** Eric could [...]