Commercials of the Weird

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I’m a sucker for a good commercial. And if there’s one thing that really gets me, it’s weirdness. But weirdness is kind of like a first date. Under do it and it lands you in the forgettable pile. Over do it and you’re in creepy town. Like the GoDaddy spot with the horrible — as my friend described it — kiss with the audio that sounded like someone stirring a luke-warm pot of macaroni and cheese (and sorry, I’m not posting it because it’s too gross).

Anyway, I was sort of laughing my arse off (and I’m proud to say the kids were too) when I saw this commercial from Method:


And if you like that little walk on the weird line, you’ll probably dig this one from Dollar Shave Club:


And everybody remembers this one from Doritos:


Anyway, hope this made you smile today. I know I needed it!


Method gave me some dinero to help with their All-Purpose Cleaner campaign. But I would’ve shown you guys this commercial no matter what because it made me go, “Ha ha.”  


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Lala Musing February 22, 2013, 5:57 pm

So glad I stopped by – these were hysterical!

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