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A few weeks ago, I posted a list of stuff I did all day and then invited you guys to do the same. So here’s another “Day in the Life” from Andrea at Maybe It’s Just Me. I love Andrea for more reasons than I can count, but one of the biggest? She’s a superhero. Like, for real. She even wears a cape

Andrea at Maybe It's Just Me

Photo by Andrea of Maybe It’s Just Me

Andrea in superhero cape

Photo by Andrea of Maybe It’s Just Me

And she makes me laugh my ass off. Which truly is a super power.


Woke up at 6:00 a.m. and stared at clock on and off until alarm rang at 6:10, woke up son in dark silence. Headed downstairs to make lunches, then back upstairs at 6:20 to wake the husband and daughter, then back downstairs to make breakfasts. Son out the door at 6:55, around the same time I realize that dishwasher did not do its magic the night before. While saying good-bye to the 7:00 departers I start dishwasher again and realize I hear no water. I had not turned the water back on to the dishwasher after turning it off when contractor was hooking up new sink (I just turned everything off). Ooops! Turn water on and dishwasher back on, hope for best.

7:05 Eat breakfast.

7:10 Ready some items for a trip to the post office. Ponder once again why I have such a difficult time getting there.

7:30 Decide I cannot stand my gray highlights anymore, so I go upstairs for magic in a Clairol box. Do poor job getting dye through all of hair, but excellent job of getting it everywhere else. Tidy up bathroom and water plants in there while killing 15 minutes. Rinse hair until water runs clear, then put on secret conditioner formula and while rinsing, notice water is in fact not running clear at all. Start to panic, and then throw hair into a towel.

8:15 Considering my overwhelming successes, decide it is a great time to do the touch up paint in the kitchen along the new granite. Gather appropriate supplies, and actually tape the areas. carefully paint.

8:40 Friend calls and as I am telling her of my careful painting job, I pull off the tape to see all of the paint under it. Continue trying to paint while on the phone because I realize I need a lifeline at this point to keep my sanity. Finish painting and talking about plans to save the world until 9:20.

9:30 Get dressed and attempt to dry hair that has pretty much already taken care of that on its own. Pretend mascara equals putting on makeup.

9:50 Apologize to the dog for the cold weather, suggesting he go outside again anyway.

9:55 Depart, after a trip back inside for items going to post office

10:10 Rousing conversation with lady at video game store about lego things, as I pick up copy of Lego Movie game.

10:30 Making friends at Home Depot trying to track down the 18 smoke detectors their inventory computers say they have.

10:40 Defeat at TJ Maxx when the gag gift I ran back for was gone. Did not help that employee remembered that glass squirrel and discussed its cuteness. No, it was funny, not cute, not well crafted. Just hilarious!

10:45 (Stores in one plaza…handy? Yes, but also freezing walking between them) Enter Target. For some reason get distracted and hopeful when passing the bra displays. I decide this is the day. Assess all options considering past mistakes and advice. Really, REALLY want to be able to wear a white shirt again, so I press on and find a bra that seems to have potential. Forget why I went to the store to begin with, so I wander the perimeter.

11:00-11:25 Stumble upon FULL display of Lego minigures and feel mystery packages in hopes of finding the two “we” still “needed” SUCCESS

I feel like I should stop here, unless you are intrigued beyond belief. Oh, but I did get to the post office and home by 12:20.


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Andrea March 3, 2014, 1:34 pm

My gosh, I really am almost as fascinating as I thought I was. Lather, rinse, repeat and that has pretty much been every day since. Thanks for the shout Tammy!

Marianne March 3, 2014, 4:01 pm

Love Andrea! Love you! Funny people rule! New follower here.
Marianne recently posted..Preparing for Parade DayMy Profile

Andrea March 9, 2014, 6:41 pm

Um, I’m pretty sure this was a highly successful morning. Colored your hair, showered, post office, conversation, painting AND shopping? Many of my mornings go like this: 5-noon: cruise Facebook. SOMETIMES I shower before lunch.
Andrea recently posted..TransitionMy Profile

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