In the Biggest Little City, Every Little Vote Counts

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So for all of you NOT living in Reno, sorry to bore the hell out of you with this post. But we’re in early voting season here, and I need to plug a few people before it’s too late. We’re the Biggest Little City, so around here, every little vote counts. For those out-of-staters who need more political ranting from me, you can always check out Are You till Undecided? Then Maybe You Should Just Stay Home or I Don’t Vote with my Vagina. But I do Vote FOR It.


Scott Freeman for District Court Judge

Scott has been doing this job since March (he was appointed after the previous judge died), and I have it on very good authority that he’s doing a fantastic job. He’s sane, measured, and committed, so let’s not be a bunch of idiots and let the guy get away.


Donna Clontz for State Board of Education

We have to get Donna into this seat. She’s been trying to help our kids throughout her entire life — in the schools, the justice system, the legislature. She will go to bat for us, guaranteed.


Oscar Delgado for Reno City Council

Oscar works at Access to Healthcare Network, which is a local non-profit that provides discounted healthcare for working families. Not exactly rakin’ in the big bucks. Not exactly rubbin’ elbows with developers. I don’t know about you, but I think this would be a refreshing change…


Jenny Brekhus for Reno City Council

Jenny is a city planner. She actually teaches city planning (I know!) Can you imagine having someone like that on the Council? Stop talking crazy.


David Ward for Reno City Council

David and I met during Obama ’08. He’s smart, thoughtful, and brings a big bag of experience to the table.


See, even Elfie voted early

State Senate and State Assembly

It’s so important to get a Democratic majority in the Senate and Assembly. With the exception of Rodney Petzak, I’ve met every one of the Dems running, and I can tell you they’ll bust their asses to fund education, maintain the safety nets, and protect our natural resources.


These are good people trying to do good things. But they need our help. Remember, early voting ends November 2nd, and Election Day is November 6th. You can go here for early voting locations.


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colin soong October 27, 2012, 9:00 am

Yea, Effie 🙂 Very proud of my big girl!

Tammy October 28, 2012, 10:31 am

She had such a good time voting!

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