Mother’s Day, the Partly Sunny Way

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Ah, Mother’s Day. You started out so well. Jasper, the puppy, miraculously slept most of the night. Tenzin, the husband, got up with the dog and let me sleep in. Then around 8:30, Elfie, the 7-year-old, brought me breakfast in bed. True, Tenzin made French toast with expired eggs and there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be puking later today, but let’s just focus on the actual breakfast for now. And Newt, the 9-year-old, engaged in some of his usual self-flagellation about not making me anything, thus turning the whole situation into a moment all about him. But again, focus people, focus.

Elfie gave me a lovely pipe-cleaner art project (it’s her main medium). Then she gave us something that was axed from the program for their school’s Parent Day. According to this list of questions she filled out, my favorite drink is water (now you all know why I’m annoyed most of the time), and when I get stressed out, I go to my room (which is where, incidentally, I’d be right now if Tenzin weren’t up there napping because he has to work tonight). Tenzin’s favorite drink is soda (that’s right Elfie, not beer, soda) and he doesn’t do anything when he gets stressed out because “He doesn’t ever get stressed out.” Probably because of all the “soda.”

Then Newt pulled off some last-minute redemption and told us the poem he wrote for Parents’ Day that he wasn’t going to recite in front of the class because he was too embarrassed.

Mom feels soft
smells clean
and looks beautiful.
Dad feels muscle-y
looks strong
and smells stinky.
After laughing our asses off, we told him he should’ve volunteered to read his poem because everyone would’ve thought it was hysterical. Which of course sent him into another bout of self-flagellation for making the wrong decision. . .
The Digging-Est Dog

So now I’m sitting in the backyard, hiding from the kids who’ve been given strict orders not to bother me for one whole hour because I threw a tantrum. Let’s just say that after the poetry reading, the rest of the day consisted of me cleaning stuff, picking up crap (literally — we have a puppy), and putting sunscreen on two uncooperative humans (and getting it in my hair).

So I’ll sit here and finish my blog. And watch my dog eat the rest of the flower bed. And see what the next few hours bring. Lord knows it can’t be all sunshine and roses around here. 
That would make things so damned uninteresting.
Dying to see more crazy puppy digging? Well here you go. . .

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Andrea May 14, 2012, 1:45 am

It wasn't a bad day here, nor a great day (I think you get that), but when I just mentioned needing to lose five pounds and the hubs didn't even rush to my defense…geeze Louise!
My recent post Warning: Bad (but heartfelt) pun ahead…

Christi May 14, 2012, 3:23 pm

I think the main problem is that we're between a full moon and a solar eclipse. Apparently the world went crazy on Sunday. (details to follow).

PartlySunny May 16, 2012, 1:53 pm

Yeah, now see, guys need to get pulled aside when they're about 12 and told that whenever something like that comes up, the immediate response is always, "You look beautiful." Poor bastards.

PartlySunny May 16, 2012, 1:54 pm

Oooh, I love the crazy full moon stories.

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