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Don’t you hate it when you get on a new blog and you have no idea what the hell’s going on because all you can see are the last five entries? Yeah, me neither.

Some Great Worst Mom Moments 

Getting to know Tammy

Why I’m a Train wreck…

Is there a blogger out there whose kid ISN’T autistic?

My mom got cancer and died. It really sucked.

  • Coming Out of the Closet — the anniversary of my mom’s death
  • The Lost Wheel — your mom is that second-choice girlfriend who sticks around even when you’re being an asshole
  • Brake Down — sometimes it takes breaking your ass to show you how much your heart really hurts
  • Judgement Day — sometimes kids act like jerks for good reasons

Our dog died when he was 12. He was awesome.

This stuff’s kind of funny…

And this stuff’s even funnier…