Shhhh! Mommy’s Having a Nervous Breakdown.

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Time for Throwback Thursday — when we replay a great World’s Worst Moms that you may have missed. This is from frequent commenter and contributor Verity

I’ve been debating sending this in. . . as far as bad moments go, it is a bit over the top. No one was injured, but I probably need to add some money to the therapy fund. Sigh. . . at least by sharing, it will make everyone else feel better (I can just hear it now:  well, at least I’d never do that!).

After doing errands and getting all three girls into the van, I turn around to see if everyone is buckled. One of the twins, LadyBug, is pointing at something on the floor of the van. I look down and there is this little pile of. . . throw up???? Bizarre and shocking, since no one is remotely sick. I ask her if she is ok? No response. I ask her again, but she wouldn’t say ANYTHING to me. Not even, yes she threw up, is she going to again, do we need to go back in the store to the bathroom, does she want water? Nothing. She won’t say anything. Now, in hindsight, she was freaked out and needed the calm soothing mommy with a hug, some ice water and a nice wet washcloth pulled out of her pocket (because we all keep things like that handy). What she got was psycho mommy. I yelled at her for not talking to me. I went on and on about how she needed to talk to me and tell me what was wrong, or else how could I help her? As I was berating her, I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but I was so frustrated not knowing how she felt and what she needed. Finally, I got her cleaned up and gave her some water; but I was so mad at the end of it all (at myself mostly), that when I got back in the van, I slammed my door shut so hard that it wouldn’t open. Seriously, the plastic on the inside popped out and got jammed in the door. 

When we got home, I managed to climb out the other side of the van. I’m so glad my husband was home. Please tell me the girls won’t remember any of this???

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ginger September 22, 2011, 11:29 pm

long day + puke + non-verbalizing kid = psycho Mommy…yep that is just about the right equation, or at least what I imagine might happen w/ me. Why can't they just understand that we need them to tell us what they need so we can help? Sigh, been there done that, you are sooo not the first.

Verity September 23, 2011, 4:30 am

Thanks! It's nice to hear that, even though it's been a while since that happened. In fact it has been long enough that it is funny – at least the door getting stuck is….I mean seriously, after all that, I had to climb out the other side of the van!

@Mommy2Cents September 28, 2011, 5:15 am

LOL! I'm laughing about your car door…that kinda shit always happens to me when I fly off the handle. You know, life's little last laughs! If it makes you feel any better I always default to yelling at my kids when they get hurt because I know it's usually a result of them doing something stupid that they should have known better than to do! Don't beat yourself up! If you ever need to feel better about your mothering skills, just pop on over to my blog. You'll leave feeling like June f'n Clever!

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