Haven’t Heard About “Occupy Wall Street”? It’s Time to Start Listening.

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If you haven’t heard — and there’s a very good chance you haven’t — a growing number of people are gathering in New York to “Occupy Wall Street.” I say there’s a good reason you haven’t heard because the media has done a crap-ass job of covering the whole thing.  Finally, sixteen days after it started, the reporting by mainstream news sources has sort of kicked in. And that’s only because 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge.

When I first heard about it on September 22nd, I told my husband, “I think the revolution has begun.” And I meant it. Our country is at a tipping point. If you’re one of the 99 percent of people who don’t have their own lobbyist, pay more in taxes than Warren Buffet, and neither drive a Bentley nor vacation in the Hamptons, I figure we have two choices: 1) keep spiraling downward, or 2) push back and say. . .

“No, we actually aren’t cool with becoming serfs. We want our government to increase taxes on the wealthy, who’ve clearly gotten away with murder over the last few decades since the top 20 percent have a staggering 85 percent of the pie. Which is just ridiculous because if you ever went to a dinner party and cut up a pie that way, people would be totally pissed and think you were a complete jerk.

“And we want the bankers — who are, let’s not mince words, criminals — to actually be prosecuted and tossed in a not nice prison. Just like the rest of us little people who’d get thrown in jail for life if we did anything remotely close to what they’ve done.

“And we want some regulations on these greedy jerks. Because they’re not good people. And they won’t do the right thing. And we know they give you tons of money for your campaigns, but tough shit. We’re over it.

“We don’t need to be rich. But we don’t want to be part of a society that maintains a slice of wealthy, all-powerful people at the top while the rest of us slowly descend into a life of mere sustenance.”

We’ve tried pushing back with elections. And while I won’t give up on trying to keep the crazier elements from governing, let’s face it — that’s sort of become a joke. I’m starting to believe this is the logical next step.

I’m really not being hyperbolic here. Statistically speaking, we’re all getting poorer and losing our influence while the upper crust is getting richer and more powerful. If you want to depress yourself (but get a good education), read this article, “Who Rules America,” by G. William Domhoff — it’s all about exciting stuff like wealth and income distribution.

So keep an eye on Occupy Wall Street. I know I’ll be supporting these guys. And, if I’m brave enough, maybe even joining them. I think this is our time to stand up. Either that, or just be prepared to lie down for good.

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