What I Do All Day. Really.

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What I really do all day

I was cleaning up the kitchen the other night, and as I cursed my husband under my breath because he'd messed up the stove again, I stopped short, realizing what a jerk I was since he'd actually taken the time to cook. Whereas cooking for me looks a lot like melting cheese on tortillas and [...]

5 Things That Have Changed Since You Watched Grease

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Grease the Movie

The other night, we all sat down and watched Grease. As far as my husband, Tenzin, is concerned, it’d be embarrassing to become a full-grown U.S. American without being able to sing along to "Summer Lovin'" and "You're the One That I Want" (and no, it's his brother who's gay...) Anyway, it became pretty clear [...]

The Tree Doesn’t Fall Far from the Apple

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Why my kids are better people than I am

So I'm happy to report that the kids not only survived camp but had a fabulous time. Apparently the first night was a little touch-and-go: Newt wanted to come home very badly, and Elfie got stung by a bee. But they sucked it up, and the memorable stories have been trickling out of them since [...]

The Bachelorette — Helping Me Teach My Daughter the REAL Facts of Life

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The Facts of Life from the Bachelorette

"What are you watching?" My 9-year-old daughter has just caught me watching The Bachelorette. Normally this is an activity I'd reserve for after the kids have gone to bed, but it's summer, and "after they've gone to bed" is practically when I go to bed. "It's called The Bachelorette. It's a horrible, horrible show where [...]

Ten Things a Kid Should Never Say at the End of July

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10 things a kid should never say at the end of July

1. I'm getting kinda sick of macaroni and cheese. 2. You know, you were right. We should've signed up for camp. 3. None of my swimsuits fit. 4. Why's Dad googling "deep woods backpacking"? 5. None of my sandals fit. 6. I can see all the veins in your legs... 7. I think I was suppose [...]

If They Could Just Stay Little — How to Make a Memory

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Little girl on beach. Caption: You'll always be my little

"I'm having that feeling again." My 9-year-old daughter has her arms wrapped around my waist. One cheek is pressed against my stomach. I've just spent the last hour reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to her and her brother, and now I'm trying to extricate myself from the area. She's gotten out of bed [...]

Baseball Makes Me Want to Fall Asleep in My Cracker Jacks. But I Still Go Anyway.

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Family at Reno Aces Game

The other night, we went to a baseball game. Reno has a Triple-A team called the "Aces" (original, right?), and my friend gave us some really good tickets. One of these days, my kids will go to a game where they have to sit where "normal" people sit. So far, every game they've attended has [...]